Programme – 7 Sept


Session 5a: Screen Sound and Industry – Bewerunge Room

Chair: Aimee Mollaghan (Queen’s University Belfast)

Julie Hubbert (University of South Carolina), ‘Music, Sound Design, and Union Labor in New Hollywood Film’

Tom Bowers (Leeds Beckett University), ‘A case study investigation into the changing nature of working practices within TV and Film Audio Post-Production’

James McGlynn (University College Cork), ‘Selective Citation/Narrative Innovation: Factors that Sonically Shape Blade Runner 2049 (2017) and Resultant Narrational Possibilities’

Session 5b: Sonic Perspective – O’Callaghan Room

Chair: John O’Flynn (Dublin City University)

Andrew Knight-Hill (University of Greenwich), ‘Sonic Diegesis: Reality and the Expressive Potential of Sound in Narrative Film’

Jessica Shine (Cork Institute of Technology), ‘Controlling the Sonic Narrative: Character as Musical Auteur in Babydriver (2017)’

Adam Melvin (Ulster University), ‘Musical Hammers for Visual Sickles: Music, Performativity and Presence in the films of Andrey Zvyagintsev’


PANEL – Renehan Hall

Special invited panel discussion with Lenny Abrahamson (director), Stephen Rennicks (composer), Steve Fanagan (sound designer), Nathan Nugent (film editor), and Alessandra Campana (Tufts University).

Chair: Maria Pramaggiore (Maynooth University)


Session 6a: New Practices in Sound Design II – Bewerunge Room

Chair: Ciaran Crilly (University College Dublin)

Christopher Brown (University of Sussex) and Andrew Knight-Hill (University of Greenwich), ‘Stories of a ruined space: filmic and sonic approaches to practice-as-research’

David Etheridge (Middlesex University), ‘Discovering Originality in Barry Gray’s Thunderbirds music’

Session 6b: Sonic Impact – O’Callaghan Room

Chair: Tim Summers (Royal Holloway University of London)

Kingsley Marshall (Falmouth University), ‘The Gulf War Aesthetic? Sound Design, and the Representation of Asymmetrical Warfare’

Jennifer Smith (University of Huddersfield), ‘The Blurring of Worlds: The Soundscape(s) of NieR: Automata

Danijela Kulezic-Wilson (University College Cork), ‘Integrated Soundtrack, Film Sensuousness and the Haptic Score’


Session 7a: Sonic Breakdown – Bewerunge Room

Chair: Jessica Shine (Cork Institute of Technology)

Jessie Fillerup (University of Richmond) and Joanna Love (University of Richmond), Themed Session: ‘Hearing Borderline Personality Disorder in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Session 7b: Irish Perspectives – O’Callaghan Room

Chair: Christopher Morris (Maynooth University)

John O’Flynn (Dublin City University), ‘“Total Sonic Fabric”: Music and Sound Design in the Films of Desmond Bell’

Sarah Glennane (Screen Composers Guild of Ireland), ‘Mapping the Music for Screen Sector in Ireland: Results of a Comprehensive Research of Irish Composers for Screen in the context of the Music and Audiovisual Industries 2017’

17.00 Conference closing