Programme – 6 Sept

Registration opens 9am, Music Department, Logic House


Session 1a: Sounding the Archives

Chair: Denis Condon (Maynooth University)

Angela English (Birmingham City University), ‘Soundscapes in Fragmented Local Archive Film’

Sunniva O’Flynn (Irish Film Institute), ‘The Sound of Silents: Irish Film Institute and the Cine-Concert’

Molly Cryderman-Weber (Central Michigan University/University of Illinois), ‘Sound Design and Ideology in “Social Guidance” Instructional Films from the 1940s-1950s’ 

Session 1b: Screening Music

Chair: Antonio Cascelli (Maynooth University)

Douglas Knight (Royal Holloway University of London), ‘Religious Metaphor or Secular Poeticism? Bach’s Liturgical Music and European Art Cinema’

Jonathan Godsall (Royal Holloway University of London), ‘Whiplash, Buddy Rich, and visual virtuosity in drum performance’

Joanna Dobrzańska, ‘Concert for Television Broadcast’


Session 2a: Constructing Soundworlds

Chair: Danijela Kulezic-Wilson (University College Cork)

Daniel Bishop (Indiana University), ‘Mythic Revisionism and the Soundtrack: Robert Altman’s McCabe and Mrs Miller

Matt Green (Leeds Beckett University), ‘Something from Nothing: The Expressive Ambience of God’s Own Country (2017)

Session 2b: Analysing Audio-Visual Media

Chair: Laura Anderson (Maynooth University/University College Dublin)

James Moran (Dundalk Institute of Technology), ‘Analysis for music in advertising: An adapted analysis framework for the production of music in advertising’

Anika Babel (University College Dublin), ‘A Reflection of Reality? The Portrayal of Classical Musickers in Film, Television, and Advertisements’


Session 3a: Strange Noises

Chair: David Ireland (University of Leeds)

Janet Halfyard (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire), ‘Sound and Fury: Noise as the New Music of Horror’

Eleanor Smith (University of Huddersfield), ‘“We’re All Mad Here”: Madness in the Musical Scoring of Animation’

Julin Lee (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich), ‘A Symphony of Noises: Revisiting Oskar Sala’s ‘Geräuschmontage’ for Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds (1963)’

Session 3b: Sound in Documentary

Chair: Michael Palmese (Maynooth University)

Laura Anderson (Maynooth University/University College Dublin), ‘Le Concerto pour Éclair et Nagra’: a sonic snapshot of Paris in Le Joli mai (1963)’

Paul Greene (University of Central Lancashire), ‘Three Way Tie: The soundworld of Tomas Riedelsheimer’s Rivers and Tides’

Svenn Jakobsen (Kristiania University College), ‘Abstracting Reality: Designing Sound for Documentaries’

15.45-17.00: FOLEY WORKSHOP with Caoimhe Doyle and Jonathan Reynolds


Session 4: New Practices in Sound Design

Chair: Alessandra Campana (Tufts University)

Fergal Dowling (Dublin Sound Lab, music project group), ‘Ground and Background, a collaborative documentation of the Dublin soundscape for surround-sound and surround video’

Julio d’Escrivan (University of Huddersfield), ‘The March Project’



Miguel Mera (City, University of London), ‘Listening – Feeling – Becoming: Screen Sound and Surveillance

Chair: Danijela Kulezic-Wilson

19.15 Wine reception followed by conference dinner